Orthopaedic consultations

About us

OÜ Tipparst is a partner of Estonian Health Insurance Fund in the field of orthopaedics.


Our orthopaedic consultants specialise in the treatment of a wide variety of orthopaedic disorders.

Payment information

When covered by Estonian Health Insurance Fund and with a referral from a family or specialist doctor the visit fee is 5 euros. Without either the visit fee is 30 euros.

Punctation/ injection
10 euros

Removal of sutures
10 euros

X-ray, 1 anatomic region (2 directions)
30 euros

Hyaluronic acid treatment (1 injection)
Durolane 3ml 240 euros
Hya-Joint Plus 3ml 200 euros
Viscoplus 3ml 2,5% 160 euros
Viscoplus 2ml 1% 60 euros

Contact us

OÜ Tipparst
Vaksali 17, 50410
Tartu, Estonia

Phone: 734 1903
Fax: 738 4262
E-mail: tipparst@tipparst.ee